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machineWhat We Do
At QIS, custom is the keyword. Each of our clients has unique needs, and so it's only fitting that we offer each a unique solution. Customarily, though, our services can be broken down into four categories. Click on the category that interests you to learn more.

Design & Manufacturing of Turnkey Equipment
What QIS does best: state-of-the-art equipment for seamless integration with your industry.

Automation & Manual Processes
QIS offers a full range of machine management systems, from fully automatic to manual processes.

Custom Control Panels & Workstations
For unique and custom processes, QIS provides personalized panels to streamline your operation.

Programs & Updates to Existing Machines
To ensure your industry stays ahead of the game, QIS offers a complete suite of maintenance packages.

Used Inventory
We have a limited supply of used PLC/SLC equipment for sale.

How We Do It
Our business practices are as refined as the solutions we provide. Click here for information on our mission statement and philosophy.


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