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man with machineQIS Mission Statement

Quality Industrial Services strives to provide its clients with custom solutions to all of their industrial control needs. By treating our clients' needs as our own, we aim to deliver quality workmanship, using today's most advanced technology, at reasonable and competitive rates. In short, our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations in every way.

QIS Philosophy: The Four Pillars of Customer Satisfaction
The control systems we design may be complex, but our business philosophy is quite simple. Abiding by our four pillars of customer satisfaction, we ensure that each and every client walks away happy.

1. Professional Performance
Our services are never less than 100% professional. How can we make such a guarantee? Because we take painstaking efforts to choose engineers of the highest caliber. The result is customer approval ratings that are as reliable as the systems we design.

2. Practical Methodology
Our clients choose us because we don't try to sell you a product that you don't need. We take care to fully understand your needs before specific concepts are even discussed. By generating a list of each clients' unique priorities upfront, we deliver solutions that fit your needs precisely.

3. Outstanding Workmanship
Because we take the time to understand each client's needs individually, we have the luxury of time when it comes to execution. Our systems are made by hand, with an almost obsessive concern for detail.

4. Foresight
The fourth and final pillar is what ties it all together - foresight, so you don't have to call us in a few months for the same problem. Once we've established a relationship with you, you'll be pleasantly surprised how thoughtful we can be. Our clients compliment us time and time again for anticipating their future needs before they do.



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